meet Claire FrançOise


Claire Françoise Delevingne's work is based on deep introspection and Self Awareness. Intertwining the Inner journey of the Soul with the outer Ecological manifestation of Earth, Delevingne facilitates the bridging of these two worlds through the medium of spontaneous movement /creative expression and through individual private healing Sessions (a fusion of Shamanic energy healing, Reiki and herbalism ) and through her retreats and small group class ceremony programs/mentorships : SHAMANA in Boston, CORAZÓN SAGRADO in Tulum and ESCUCHA in Menorca.

Claire is a Reiki Master and holds a masters in Dance/Movement Therapy - Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University in Cambridge. Delevingne has travelled throughout the world studying with Shamans, medicine people, mystics, and wisdom keepers- learning how to heal physically and spiritually through sacred connection with the Earth and her medicine - which includes, but is not limited to: movement, sound, art, plant/herbal wisdom, meditation and hands-on healing.

Delevingne has worked with children, teens, adults and elders internationally for over a decade, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Tunisia, France - California, New York, and Boston.

Claire is deeply grateful for her mentors, teachers and friends with whom she is continually learning, on this ever magical journey back to wholeness. She especially gives thanks to the Earth, for she is our greatest friend and teacher.