Everything in this Physical Reality is a Reflection/Lesson from the Spirit World

March 26, 2017

It’s Sunday, and I wake up hearing my partner's voice becoming hoarse from asking over and over again, why the internet bill is higher than what was agreed upon months ago:

This is about the 9th time I hear this same conversation.

I have said each time:
"ASK TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER, stop wasting your time!" 

My experience is that it is important to get help from people who can actually make change. And, never, ever settle for less. This is hardly about the money, but rather, about not letting anyone walk all over you, as my father has often taught me.

Today, I chose not to get involved in the back and forth.
I closed the door, and wondered:

What message is Spirit delivering me by way of this experience?

When we have an (emotional) issue to be dealt with, so often, we try very hard to figure it out on our own- we may feel frustrated, sad, angry or even disillusioned because it keeps reoccurring like this “bill”. Some things feel beyond our control, especially when they are deeply rooted. 

"Why does this keep happening to me?!" we may wonder. 

We might ask our friends, family, and others for help. 
But We might continue to hit a wall on this "horizontal plane".
Most give in- it’s too much work, I can’t overcome: 
"Just ‘Overcharge’ me!" we may tell the world. 
“Step all over me” we may resonate, unconsciously.

Furthermore, Caring “too much” can get us nowhere if we continue on this horizontal plane trying to “figure it out”.

<<<:::Asking to speak to someone “higher up” - someone with authority, can be seen as a metaphor for giving our reoccurring issue UP to God*:::>>>

There are times when we need to put our ego aside. 

This takes a lot of courage.

A positive affirmation that I have found very helpful is: 
" I LET GO, and LET GOD".

By doing so, we are trusting in the UNKNOWN, trusting in the UNSEEN, trusting in the MYSTERY. In this SPACE, we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of a new reality.

(*God may hold a different meaning for everyone. For me "God" is Universal Life Force, Presence; Unconditional, Conscious Love/ The Ultimate choreographer of this dance that we call Life.)

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