Growing Up and Finding your Soul Tribe

March 26, 2017


I have a vivid memory of being in middle school, in a class elective,
I chose "architecture" -- I had recently met a kindred spirit and as I sat on a stool just observing the class, a girl came up in a storm towards me:


She was yelling and fuming in my face. Looking back at my younger self my response was quite hilarious to me now and seemingly ironic for being such a sensitive "empathic" person: 

I giggled and said "YES!" with a grin on my face.

As fast as she fumed up to me, she marched off in a huff and I don't remember seeing her again.

I remember feeling at peace in my heart and placid mind.

If she had merited my energy, she would have come up and given me a huge hug.

I gave nothing away, As Osho says, I let her "Spit on her own mind".

People often ask me how to protect themselves from "negative people" or "energies" . 
There are many beautiful ways, like:
-Wearing a crystal in front of your heart chakra, 
-Meditative auric practices, such as Qi Gong, 
and so many others; 

However as one of my Animal communication teachers once said laughingly "everyone is always asking about how to protect themselves, if you are awake you don't need so much 'protection'". (paraphrased). 

Although this teacher can be known to be quite direct!- 
There is a lot of truth in what she said. When people are constantly seeing others as "separate", as overpowering them with their "negative energy"-- they are seriously disempowering themselves, striping themselves of the essence or power from which true protection comes. 

Understanding why you might attract certain people, and how they reflect and trigger you, is the first part.

Crystals helps, but if you are "asleep" (think of this in physical reality) and you have a crystal on, you might be missing the point. Wouldn't it be more useful to be "awake" in order to protect yourself? Would you fall asleep in "Port authority" with a crystal on?
This scenario/metaphor Might work if you have a very powerful crystal and very powerful energy field- however, if you are worried about being energetically assaulted, you are already energetically attracting it (sorry-I know this one can be quite difficult to "swallow"), 
and the second point then would be to: Wake Up.

If you are "awake", and you understand why you are placing a crystal in front of your heart- rather than "protecting" yourself from your own fear- and you are INTENTIONALLY and EXPONENTIALLY emitting out the powerfully HEALING VIBRATIONS of your own HEART- then, yes this is the highest form of PROTECTION, with no exception.

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Another part to this middle school metaphor is:
Let people go who cannot evolve and grow with you, who insult your soul.

1. If you know they love you and let you down unknowingly- they most likely are just not aware of it - setting up boundaries can be helpful, like:

"I'm very sensitive, I need more encouragement" 
"Please notice all the good I am doing before pointing out what you think I need to change"

If they really love you and want to be in your life- they will change with you and respect your *conscious needs* // "boundaries". 
Don't assume that everyone knows just what you need-Stop the Guessing game! It is exhausting :P
Make it clear! 
What do you need, seriously? 
If you do not even know, then you see where the confusion might be ;)
You can: Make a list and then find 3 priorities to let other people you love know. Ask them to do the same for themselves. 

2. Surround yourself with people who see your highest Self- 
no matter how you are feeling. 
Be around people who UPLIFT you and are able to sit with you in your pain, as much as you do for them. 

Start with yourself: 
Do you uplift yourself? How is your internal dialogue?
Do you remember your highest Self, your Soul Calling?

If none of those around you uplift you, this is a sign that you need to do it for yourself first, and then you will naturally "align" and begin connecting with people who are capable of loving you - ALL of YOU- 
and uplifting you in the process.

The reverse is also true of course :) If you don't see the highest in your friends: either find it in them, 
or find people who you love without looking for reasons why.
Some have said that you cannot make deep friendships after 30 years young - i think that is bogus. If you live from your soul, you will make the most amazing connections and friendships that blow every previous held notion of connection, out of the water. Don't stop loving yourself at 30. Begin to learn how to Love, Consciously.
You Are the *architect* of your world. Make your house, first, build it with consciousness, love, imagination, enduring beauty. 
Be the blueprint for a beautiful tribe, a sustainable village, and a world fueled by Love, raw potential and beauty.

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