6 month Weekly Healing + Coaching

6 month Weekly Healing + Coaching


Sign up for 6 months of 1:1 Coaching with Claire, and receive in between session communication plus your very own protection bundle and monthly movement ceremony !

Weekly support via e-mail, voice memo, text or bi-monthly 20 min call as needed. 

Each session is 90 mins long and can be delivered in person or via Skype.

Bundle includes crystals, tea, sage, palo santo and more. Each is highly individualized, made just for you.

A Soundtrack is made for you, updated regularly over the 6 months of work with Claire.

If you are looking for a 360 turn in your life, you have come to the right place. This is the package for you!

Can be paid in 7 installments of $1000 each, when using Venmo: @Claire-Delevingne

First SOUL ACTIVATION +INTEGRATION session deducted from total.*

*Must be used within 24 hours of your first session to be valid.



  • 24, 90 min sessions (delivered in person or via Skype)

  • 12 check-ins (email, voice memo, text, or 20 min phone call)

  • Monthly movement ceremony

  • Fill Your Cup Protection Healing Bundle

  • Soundtrack

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