Floral Crown Ceremony

Floral Crown Ceremony


Flower Crown Ceremony

Sunday, August 4th, 4-7pm

Come embark on your journey home to becoming the Queen of your own heart, and a portal of Divine energy.

We will connect with our heart & bless our crown chakra through meditation, ceremony, journaling and crafting. We will invite our physical bodies to become portals for bringing more Divine light onto this beloved earth.

We will ground into the earth as we connect into the heavens. As we make our flower crowns we will envision ourselves as a bridge between worlds...

In this ceremony of coming back to your sacred heart & opening up your crown we will:

•gather in circle with a small group of women

•connect our hearts with the heart of the earth through meditation

•activate and open our crown chakra to receive more Divine light & expanded consciousness

•drink flower essences and herbal infusions

•make crowns with sacred plants and their flowers

•add flowers to sacred sage clearing sticks

•move + journal

•cultivate your own unique vision for the world

•make a flower essence spray to bring this vision of you into every day life


•Outside at private home in Newton, address given upon purchase

Go home with:

•your handmade flower crown

•sustainably harvested sage stick



•Luci solar Light

What to bring:

•basket or special bag to bring home crown

•journal, favorite pen, pencil or colors

•canteen to bring home any extra drink

Limited to 6 women! Or anyone who wants to become a queen! 2 spots left!

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