Soul Activation + Guidance

Soul Activation + Guidance


This Option to work with Claire is a perfect chance to get your Soul Activated and get headed in the right direction of your Soul's path, without needing to travel for an in-person session.

In this 120 mins session, Claire communicates with your spiritual body to decipher what energetic shifts need to happen to reactivate your soul's passion and expression on this planet. 

Earth based Reflective Psychology will give you the mental infrastructure to understand how your process is a reflection of a Nature, not a block, and how to integrate it to move forward so the seed of your passion can flourish. 

At the end of each session, Claire complies a series of "homework" so that the integration can continue to titrate deep into your being. 

Highly recommended for first session with Claire. If you would like even more follow-up integration, see SOUL ACTIVATION PACKAGE + INTEGRATION BUNDLE

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