Breakthrough Soul Activation + Integration

Breakthrough Soul Activation + Integration


ACTIVATE + INTEGRATE: This is the Breakthrough Session. Work one on one with Claire Françoise, for an extended session to really dive into what is energetically needing to come through and shift.  Once we complete our session (which will normally run anywhere from 2-3 hours) you'll receive a full integration pack to support you in integrating your soul's wisdom into every aspect of your life: dietary + herbal suggestions, specific assignments, an implementation plan, and even a soundtrack.

Claire dedicates an entire day to feeling into your unique energy field. This session is in-depth and consciousness accelerating. Often done in Nature.

Book to work with Claire 1:1 in any of her online coaching programs within 48 hours, and the session price goes towards your 3-6 month coaching program with Claire -  in other words, This session becomes on the House !

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