3 Soul Activations + Integration Bundle

3 Soul Activations + Integration Bundle


3 Soul Activation + Guidance sessions --1x month for 3 months. 

Each session is 90 mins long, with an extra 20 mins if needed for your first- in Person or via Skype- and includes an Integration bundle uniquely made for you. 

Your exclusive Integration Bundle includes Herbal + dietary recommendations, music, activities, resources, book suggestions, homework prompts, and more- all uniquely suggested from your Spirit to Claire during session.

This option is great for those who have busy lives and need daily reminders and resources at their finger tips. 

With this bundle, you are receiving each session for $230 and receiving free follow-up with Claire in between sessions, which has been asked for by many.

This is the preferred package by those wanting to get aligned, feel greater levels of consciousness, and ground it in every day living.

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