How do I Book a Session?

To make an appointment simply click here to fill a request form and submit online.

Are Sessions In-Person or via Skype ?

Both! Claire is based in Boston, and offers in-person sessions in Back Bay, on Beacon Street. For her clients who are based internationally, she offers Skype/Facetime sessions. Clients report enjoying Skype sessions just as much as in-person, and some even prefer them. Others vary between the two, and some prefer in-person only. It is all Up to you!


What does a Skype Session look like ?

Delevingne's method is divided into 3 parts, and varies in duration depending on session chosen:

  • 20-60 mins Energy Work /Soul Journey
  • 30+ mins Verbal Reflection
  • 10 mins Movement Integration/Grounding - which may be an activity that you continue following your call.

Time dedicated to each modality varies based on your unique energy field and needs.

IMPORTANT! For deepest relaxation + healing to take place: Please wear comfortable, natural fabric clothing and abstain from consuming caffeine and white sugar 4 hours prior to your session.

Why work with Claire Delevingne ?

Claire Françoise Delevingne is highly effective in helping you feel the potentiality and balancing effects of Energy Healing and Reiki. Delevingne holds her Masters of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling, which allows you to be guided and listened to by a well-rounded therapist. All contact you have before, and in between sessions is with Claire. No need to waste your precious time with any in between people. Only the highest quality service in every contact.

What is Reflective Psychotherapy?

Reflective Psychotherapy is based on deep introspection - like finding a pure well or reflecting pool within. This process of deep reflection helps shift your perspective and expand your awareness through the principle that every internal and external process is a reflection of an already existing natural phenomena. Ultimately questions are resolved into a greater system theory. 

What to expect in a HANDS-ON session?

Soul Activation sessions are 90 mins long -  consisting of two parts:

1. (60-70 mins) Hands-on, gentle work which is done, fully clothed on a massage table. 

2. (20-30 mins) Verbal Reflection and Integration.

*If you are interested in detailed Follow-up notes, homework and more integration material, please purchase appropriate package/bundle.


IMPORTANT! For deepest relaxation + healing to take place: Please wear comfortable clothing and abstain from consuming caffeine and white sugar 4 hours prior to your session.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to mental and emotional tranquility, physical pain may be significantly decreased. The primary mission of this approach is to help you reconnect with your own source of health and vitality, and to feel a deep sense of connection within yourself, your relationships and the outer world. But don't take our word for it. Check out what others have to say here!

Are Tips Included Or Expected? + Paying Forward.

Tips are not included nor expected! However, they are greatly appreciated if you are feeling extra gratitude for your work with Claire.

Tips go toward working with those who are unable to afford sessions. You are also welcome to pay forward for somebody you know,  who may be in need of a session but does not yet have the finances to pay for one. You are allowed to donate 1-3 sessions of your 6 month Coaching program to family and/or community/tribe members.

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