Individual Healing

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Soul Activation + Guidance
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This Option to work with Claire is a perfect chance to get your Soul Activated and get headed in the right direction of your Soul's path, without needing to travel for an in-person session.

In this 2 hour session, Claire communicates with your spiritual body to decipher what energetic shifts need to happen to reactivate your soul's passion and expression on this planet. 

Earth based Reflective Psychology will give you the mental infrastructure to understand how your process is a reflection of Nature, not a block, and how to integrate it to move forward so the seed of your passion can flourish. 

At the end of each session, Claire complies a series of "homework" so that the integration can continue to titrate deep into your being. 

Highly recommended for first session with Claire.

Soul Activation
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Book a session now for tuning in and tuning up your soul's expression by finding what truly works for you inwardly and outwardly. What would you like to work on in your life? What would you like to manifest? It's up to you, and Claire can help.

We start with Reiki energy work, to realign your energy field & clear the path to make the work we do together even easier and flowing. Then we move to reflective psychotherapy, as well as other mediums of connection, where we can see what it is that your heart is truly desiring. 

Sessions are 90 mins* and can be done in person or via Skype. Perfect as a follow-up session to Soul Activation + Guidance.

*If you would like to add extra time, please click here.

Heard enough? Book your session now.

Have more questions? Drop us a line and we'll be happy to get back to you within 48 hours. 

Thank you for caring enough about yourself and the world to look into the next step of healing, growth and self-realization.

Breakthrough Soul Activation + Integration
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This is the Breakthrough Session. Work one on one with Claire Françoise, for an extended session to really dive into what is energetically needing to come through and shift.  Once we complete our session (which will normally run anywhere from 2-3 hours) you'll receive a full integration pack to support you in integrating your soul's wisdom into every aspect of your life: dietary + herbal suggestions, specific assignments, an implementation plan, and even a soundtrack.

Claire dedicates an entire day to feeling into your unique energy field. This session is in-depth and consciousness accelerating. Often done in Nature.

Book to work with Claire 1:1 in any of her online coaching programs within 48 hours, and the session price goes towards your 6 month coaching program with Claire!

100 min Reiki
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100 min Reiki
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100 mins of Shamanic Reiki - in Person or via Skype-

Can be used as follow-up or first time session.

Includes one follow-up email regarding work done during session, which can include herbal recommendations, body scrub instructions, affirmations, music, and more. If there is something specific that you would like to know more about, or instructions on how to make something for your sacred home, please let Claire know and she will make sure she focuses on your wishes in this special email.

For follow-up only! For first Time session with notes, please see Soul Activation + Guidance option

Follow-up 75 min Soul Session
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Follow-up 75 min Soul Session
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During the course of working with Claire, the amount of time needed for a session decreases— your system literally creates more time. This is a wonderful result of deep Soul healing, and also means you are able to receive and integrate healing more quickly. Everyone is unique in their process of how long this takes. However, when you are ready, just 75 mins is sufficient, and at some point even 60 mins ($210)

With these varying time amounts, you can use Venmo @Claire-Delevingne as they are different for everyone.

Extra Time Add-On (30 mins)
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Do you need some extra time to process and ask questions during your session today?

Or do you need a 30 min check-in between sessions?

Just purchase here or venmo @Claire-delevingne to reserve your time to speak!

Please include your phone number for in- between session check-ins.