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Reiki I Attunement Class + 21 Day Cleanse

Available solely upon request, and when Claire feels you are ready to be initiated on your journey to become certified as a Reiki Master. This is the initiation module. Up to 4 qualifying clients together!

These sessions are highly individualized, and are attuned specifically to your needs and resonance.

Held outside when possible, and include follow-up during your 21 day initiation/cleanse.

What is Included:

  • Reiki 1 Certification

  • Herbal infusion

  • Energy Protection spray

  • 1-3 Photographs of You!

  • Spotify Soundtrack of our time together

  • Digital Follow-up + Support as needed

What makes this class different from other Reiki 1 certification programs?

  • In person, Nature- based, ceremonial and deeply rooted in individual and collective healing presence.

  • Every person is selected by Claire to fulfill an important part of this circle of sisters of light being formed in this group.

  • Not open to anyone who isn’t at a certain level of clarity, love, compassion + awareness.

  • Streamlined Support 1:1 Contact with Claire via voice memos, text or email during the 21 day cleanse. Claire will provide you with any information needed. This can include herbal instructions, meditation practice, daily reminders if chosen, and more.

  • Movement + Expressive Arts

  • Not just a Reiki I certification- You are having your unique +special healing gift ignited and brought to life. You also get to experience the healing gift of your fellow sisters.

What to Bring:

  • Journal + writing utensil

  • Water bottle /something to drink that isn’t coffee.

  • Shall/blanket - something to lay or sit on.

  • Weather appropriate gear!


  • 11- 1 : Finding Home, Embodiment

  • 1-2 : Lunch Break

  • 2:30-4:30pm : Reiki I Attunement, practice on each other & Environment.

Can be paid in 3 installments of $175.

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Reiki II

This Reiki II class includes :

3 hour Class + Initiation

++1 follow-up session of 90 mins, or 21 day support via text/voice memo




With Reiki II, you are able to practice Reiki, and receive payment for offering sessions.

Claire will guide you through the ins- and -outs of beginning to practice during your Reiki II follow-up business session.



Have you always felt like you are not quite like everyone else?

Do your ears ring, do you see lights, maps, or scenes of other worlds, places you have not visited in this lifetime, feel pinches in your body, hear it hum, see through people's skin, or seem to just know what is going on with someone, or what they are feeling, even when they say nothing and might not even be aware themselves? 

Do you have a deep sense of awareness, and it feels like so many are constantly asking you for help and advice?

If you said yes to any of these, and so many more, these are all signs that you are a healer. 

You know you were called to do something more, and just "how" might feel cloudy- You know you have something HUGE to offer, you are so valuable!

You feel resistant to being told what to do. You have your own way to do everything. No traditional career has ever made much sense. You notice the system breaking people and you don't feel like you fit in. You care about the planet and feel a sense of urgency to do something.

Claire works with you 1:1 to uncover your innate gifts- so that you can become a Master of Your Own Gifts.

If you are hearing the call to uncover, ignite, + put into practice your unique healing ability : sign up for any individual session and we will see if it's a good fit.

Mentorship is a 6-7 month, weekly program of integrative sessions in person or via Skype. If you would like to become a Reiki Master, this is the place to receive that certification and more. These 6-7 months are filled with personal healing, lessons, reflection, and homework assignments to integrate your gifts and deepen your sense of Self. Business development, guidance, and support will be integrated throughout- by the 7th month, you will have made a website, business cards and will be ready to open your practice whenever you feel ready. 

After your first healing session, or if you are currently a client, a complimentary 30 min phone session with Claire is offered to answer any questions you might have about this program.

Unleash Your Inner Healer

This is a 6-7 month healing and business breakthrough mentorship with Claire Delevingne. You know you are different and special. You know you are born for something more. Join Claire in remembering just how much magic is inside of you. Not only will you remember your magic and embark on a deeply transformative and healing journey, you will be guided how to use your gifts to help other people and the world around you. After 7 months of working with Claire, In person, and online at any point if you need- Claire will make you ready to practice as a sole proprietor of an individual healing or artistic practice. This program is aimed at guiding you to open your practice from the ground up —showing you how to call in clients, how to get your word out, and create a life you love. Not a 2 figure business or a hobby if you envision more. Claire will show you how to make ripples through your healing practice being as abundant as you are. How high you want to go with it is up to you. There is a vetting process and Claire only accepts those who she feels are fully able to transform and step into the work whole-heartedly. Please apply for a first session if you have yet to work with Claire. If you decide to purchase this program within 48 hours, your session cost will be deducted from the program.

If you wish to become a Reiki Master- Reiki levels 1, 2, + 3 are included (Master Certification)

11.11% of this package goes towards helping save the lives of endangered species and their protectors, through AVAAZ.

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