I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Claire — she is a very gifted healer and empath. She is full of light and insight, and holds the space so beautifully for transformation to occur. My sessions with Claire have led to me to deeper insights about myself and my place in the world, and have catalyzed transformation and inspired action in my external world. I have received so much guidance, wisdom and peace from my healing sessions with Claire and I couldn’t be more grateful to have worked with her.
— Steph Zabel, Founder of Herbstalk- herbalist and teacher @ FlowerFolkHerbs.com, Cambridge
Thank you so much for your time yesterday.
You have changed my path in an irreversible way.
I am eternally grateful.

Thank you.
— Devika Kishnan, Researcher at MIT; Cambridge
Claire is magic. She really takes so much care and integrity with your session and what needs to come through. She touched on so many insights that were waiting to be birthed, and allowed such a beautiful space to clear that which no longer served me.
— Alexi Panos, Impact Biz Consultant + Author; Los Angeles
Claire is transformative. I took a leap of faith when I found her via Yelp, hoping she could give me what I was looking for...it turns out that she gave me more than I ever imagined.

It’s been a few months since we had our first session together and she has become an integral part of my life. In a personal time of chaos, she helped reintroduce myself to...myself. Her warmth and light has healed me in so many ways, and has helped provide direction in this crazy world.

Whether it be our 1:1 sessions, or the group work we have done, Claire gives her all. Being vulnerable to a stranger can be daunting, but being in her presence has always felt like home. Her warmth, compassion, and good soul makes you feel like you’ve known each other for lifetimes. Being in her presence has made me want to be a better person. Her heart is so pure and she provides the kind of fierce love that this world needs.

This is not just a job to her, this is a lifestyle. She takes her craft seriously and enjoys sharing her knowledge with those who are serious about evolving and becoming their better selves. Her guidance has been an integral part of my life. She knows exactly what I need when I don’t have the words to describe it. From her helping me create my own sanctuary within my home to guiding me through creating my own elixirs, she knows exactly what to do to ground me and get me in touch with my soul.

I can’t say enough good things about her - only that she has touched my life in a profound way, and I can’t imagine life without her. The world would benefit from more beautiful people like Claire.
— Amanda K. , Doctorate Student of Psychology; Boston
Claire changed the entire course of my life in one session, in a subtle- yet powerful way. She really tapped into my energy and could feel everything I was feeling without me saying a word, and so we were able to go deep very quickly. She was so affirming about things I was already feeling, but not saying out loud to myself and she allowed me to accept all of the things I really wanted for my life, but was afraid to embrace. All the while, shifting my energetic body to align with everything that was coming up. There are no words to explain how profound it was, I am still receiving gifts from the session two months later! If you are considering working with Claire, DO IT!
— Kari Azuma, Coach, Speaker - Empowered Mothers Alliance; Santa Barbara
IReiki is immensely popular. There are myriad of Reiki teaching programs in Boston and all over the world and many people can receive a certification over a very short period of time. I have received many Reiki sessions from various practitioners, and also other types of subtle therapies such as Crainosacral, Polarity Therapy, and Barbara Brennan healing. Please believe me when I say that Claire Delevingne is among the most gifted and powerful channels for Reiki I have ever felt, and I have felt a lot. It’s such a gift to find someone who has dedicated their life to sharpening their perceptions to navigate these very specific landscapes through the “Reiki” lens. Additionally, Claire Delevingne uses a psychological approach she terms Reflective Psychology where she mirrors yours situation in life to a natural process in nature; this helps me understand that my predicament is as natural as sunshine and rain, and I only need to look to nature to find novel solutions and inspirations to move my life forward. After each session I feel my spirit deeply aligned and nourished with inner purpose and environmental support - and sometimes I’m in awe how things in my life just fall into place that much easier. As a fellow human being who sometimes needs help navigating this spiritual and earthly existence, please believe me when I say that Claire will show you a side of yourself that you never knew you had, or you knew but forgot, and so now you have the chance to remember again. Do yourself a favor, give it a try.
— Joel Gheiler, Rolf Practitioner, Boston Rolf
I met Claire by chance almost one year ago...I saw her profile on Yelp and loved her website, so I reached out to her. I soon realized that she is incredibly talented and otherworldly...there is something truly magical about her, and at the same time she is very humble and patient. I was going through a particularly stressful time and she really helped me get back on my feet. More precisely, she helped me transform how I feel about myself and how I see the world. And all of this transformation was done with Claire’s lightest touch. In other words, she never tells you what to do, but allows you to see what’s in your heart and admit to yourself what you knew all along. I could not recommend her more to people of all walks of life!
— Sofia Elena, Professor, writer; Boston- England
Claire is a very special healer. Her approach to our sessions is thoughtful, kind and incredibly insightful. I have learned so much about myself and relationship to the world since we started meeting weekly. We always do different activities to promote health in the mind and body and she sends me on fun adventures for homework every week, which I adore! I cannot recommend Claire’s abilities enough. If you haven’t booked a session yet then do it now!!⭐️
— Brooke Frieling, Movement Artist, Pro Ice Skater; Boston
Claire is truly gifted. She is the embodiment of light, with a warm, calming, and healing aura. Her reiki treatment is transformative and I feel more connected to myself, my path, and the world around me. Thank you Claire for this beautiful experience.
— Ashley S. Writer, Consulting; Boston
Claire has a special ability to feel into your body and spirit. She intuitively knows what you need without you having to explain. Claire is pure, comforting and can be quite funny when she knows that may be just what you need. During our sessions she provides Reiki. She leaves me feeling peace within and clarity in my body. It is quite profound and I highly recommend other’s to benefit from her magical powers. She is a light and she will lovingly ignite yours!
— Alisha Smith, Mindfulness Mentor + Coach; San Diego + Oregon
Claire is the essence of a spiritual being living a human experience. She is heart-centered and intuitive and I have experienced the power of her sweet, healing energy. Claire incorporates many practices, from Reiki and Astrology to Dance Therapy and Meditation. She is a modern-day shamanista of the heart who I feel is on this earth to support the soul’s journey in finding and experiencing itself once again. A guide on the path of spiritual awakening, to find out more and more our life’s purpose and understand our limitless potential.

I am personally so grateful for the work that Claire and I have done together. Through it, I feel refreshed and renewed, a greater wisdom and knowing about what I want and need in my life, as well as a playful, childlike manner of traversing the every day moments of life. Lastly, I feel nourished and taken care of, free to explore myself in my greatest strengths and weaknesses. It feels so good to have that love and support from such a pure place. I will be forever thankful.
— Mathew Chandler, Founder -Aurora Healing Arts; Gainesville
I went to Claire for Reiki and it was a wonderful experience! She has a beautiful, connected presence and a nurturing touch. What was a pleasant surprise was that she had these flashes of insight (images, sounds), while she was doing the bodywork and later, she shared them with me. The things that she said were intuitive and made sense—-They connected to other things that were going on in my life that we had never spoken about. I highly recommend Claire. My experience with her felt very healing and magical!
— Sarah Ellen, Expressive Art Therapist + mother; Boston
Claire is an amazingly intuitive guide and natural channel for the healing powers of Reiki. My session completely surprised me, she gently revealed a deep rooted memory that unlocked sadness and anger. She then guided me through accepting, transforming and healing this memory. I think her background as a therapist aids her as a Reiki healing, able to verbally and energetically guide you to your inner self. Mind you, it was completely a surprise to me that this memory came up at all. I hadn’t thought about this moment in decades, and didn’t realize what an emotional scar it had left on me (I was weeping during my session). It was truly amazing. Even through the releasing process, I felt completely comfortable and safe throughout my session. After my session I felt so open, much lighter and renewed. Thank you, dear Claire!
— Kimberly Prokoshyn, head sommelier @Scampi; NYC
When you meet with Claire be open to her. She is a wonderful healer and presence. Her reiki gift is undeniable when you’re in the room and after. She is also just a pleasure, and able to meet you where you are and let her deep intuition and sight guide her work. Thank you, Claire! I would highly recommend her as a healing presence and guide.
— Laura C, PhD student + Reiki practitioner; Boston
Claire is a true healer and has dedicated her life to healing the world at large. I am so grateful to have Claire here in Boston. City life can be hectic and at times it feels like it is a place of spiritual void; however, whenever I see Claire I am reminded of all the inspiration and depth of life that exists within me and in my surroundings. It is truly an awakening of consciousness that stays with you long after a Reiki session. She is highly intuitive and has helped me unpack parts of my life and bring light through symbols. Words do not do justice to how grateful I am.
— Antonella F, dancer, Student, Activist; Boston
Claire is so lovely and talented! Her light and energy have helped me start to discover my true self. I just finished my second session with her and between the first and second sessions, I’ve done a lot of work with myself to help grow and blossom into my true happiness. She helped me with that. She continues to help show me where and what I need to let go while giving me the positivity and confidence to do so. Claire is a wonderful guide and I feel so grateful to work with her in helping me on my journey to self discovery!
— Katie S. Yoga Teacher, Empowerment Coach; Boston- San Diego
Claire is such a gifted healer! She is so amazing and she really helps you to find answers and learn things about yourself. While these things might not always be easy (although there it always lots of positivity when meeting with her), they are things that are important for your well-being to know. Each time I left a meeting with her I felt more in tune with myself and relaxed and just happy :) I’m so appreciative of her gifts and willingness and she is so thoughtful and kind and funny as a person. Highly recommended a session!
— Kyr G, university student, Ireland
Claire Delevingne is the best Reiki and Reflective Psychotherapist I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Although she is based out of Boston, I am in Montreal, and We had an amazing Skype session together that brought me so much clarity on my purpose... which then resulted in a beautiful shift in my business.

I will definitely be working with her again, I can’t recommend her enough - for healing and for coaching alike.
— Martika Truchon, Social Media Creator; Montreal