the art of CEREMONY


Unleash Your Inner Healer

This is a 6-7 month healing and business breakthrough mentorship with Claire Delevingne. You know you are different and special. You know you are born for something more. Join Claire in remembering just how much magic is inside of you. Not only will you remember your magic and embark on a deeply transformative and healing journey, you will be guided how to use your gifts to help other people and the world around you. After 7 months of working with Claire, In person, and online at any point if you need- Claire will make you ready to practice as a sole proprietor of an individual healing or artistic practice. This program is aimed at guiding you to open your practice from the ground up —showing you how to call in clients, how to get your word out, and create a life you love. Not a 2 figure business or a hobby if you envision more. Claire will show you how to make ripples through your healing practice being as abundant as you are. How high you want to go with it is up to you. There is a vetting process and Claire only accepts those who she feels are fully able to transform and step into the work whole-heartedly. Please apply for a first session if you have yet to work with Claire. If you decide to purchase this program within 48 hours, your session cost will be deducted from the program.

If you wish to become a Reiki Master- Reiki levels 1, 2, + 3 are included (Master Certification)

11.11% of this package goes towards helping save the lives of endangered species and their protectors, through AVAAZ.


Group classes